KT160.25: the crane with the best weight/power ratio

Our company has been operating in the field of truck-mounted hydraulic cranes for over 40 years, specialising in their construction and sale in both Italy and abroad.

Idrogru’s KT160.25 model is a truck-mounted crane that makes light work of lifting on any kind of ground, even off-road, and is particularly suited to building sites, for both indoor and outdoor jobs.

It features 3 hydraulic extensions, providing a lifting capacity when extended  of 85 tonnes, and is  ideal for heavy-duty work in tight spaces.

Specialising in the construction and sale of lifting equipment, Idrogru is the ideal partner for all your truck-mounted crane needs.

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Our signature product

The KT160 model is undoubtedly our best-seller and flagship product in terms of this kind of crane in Italy.

This crane offers the best weight/power ratio.  Its three hydraulic extensions even provide more power than cranes with more than three extensions.

One of the unique selling points of this crane is that the boom can be extended while carrying heavy loads. This is achieved through the independent hydraulic cylinders and Xantal-B bronze sliding blocks, as this bronze eliminates wear, making maintenance a thing of the past and ensuring a durable, high-performance crane.


Premium finishes

In addition to the high power and advanced technical and mechanical performance, our cranes feature top-quality structural steel  finishes. Every part of the structural work is sanded first and then painted, to guarantee the vehicle better wear resistance.

Although based in Modena, Idrogru is active throughout Italy and beyond!