Areas of application of our cranes

Our construction site cranes are known for their versatility, power, and efficiency. These features allow our lifting means to be used in many areas and fields of application such as, for example, special transport, rental, roadside assistance, construction of prefabricated buildings and other construction projects, including wind farms and much more.

If you are looking for a construction site crane for indoor and outdoor work, Idrogru is the company for you. We offer a number of models featuring different heights and capacities to meet any lifting need!

Wind turbines


Rental firms are one of our main customers. At our facility you can choose from a wide range of light, medium, and heavy models that are suitable for any kind of working environment.

Special transport

For the haulage of very large vehicles and machinery, a high-tonnage, high-capacity crane – such as the KT200.33 or KT300.25. – is needed. At Idrogru, you’ll find the most suitable vehicle for your oversized loads needs.

Estimate-plant-hydro crane

Building industry

Another major field of application for Idrogru cranes is the construction industry. Our cranes are indispensable for the construction of industrial prefabricated buildings, warehouses, and industrial sheds, thanks to the high capacity and the high power offered by the hydraulic booms.

Roadside assistance

Also for this area, we supply pioneering, high-performance models that can recover and lift heavy vehicles, such as trucks and lorries.

Wind power

The construction of wind turbines involves the use of cranes that can reach extremely elevated positions, such as the heights reached by our KT160.40 model.   Our crane trucks guarantee high safety standards and maximum strength in all circumstances, even on the most arduous terrains.