Idrogru: the partner you can trust for the design and purchase of custom cranes

Our company has been designing, building, and selling  high tonnage truck mounted telescopic cranes for over 40 years.

We have always strived to meet the specific requirements of our customers, which are  mainly rental and haulage firms, by designing efficient, high-performance and  – above all –  versatile machines  for indoor and outdoor work.

All our mobile cranes are mounted on standard commercial 3-, 4- or 5-axle vehicles, depending on specific weight and load capacity requirements. We manufacture light-, medium-, and heavy-duty cranes, focussing on even the smallest detail, whether its a mechanical component or a matter of appearance.

Most of our models are approved for road use,   which is a huge advantage as it means you can travel on any  kind of road, without needing special permits.

Our cranes are built with top quality materials and structural steel and comply with the most stringent safety standards in force.

This means we can guarantee maximum performance and durability over time.  Which is why more and more companies are turning to us, both nationally and internationally.              


Over 40 years’ experience in the construction of roadable truck-mounted cranes

Our Idrogru

Small load

This category includes lighter, compact design cranes that can be used for work both indoors and outdoors. As a rule, the ballast in these models amounts to no more than 9 tonnes, which means they can only be used for less demanding tasks. The light category includes the following models: KT90.23, KT110.28, and KT110.35.

Medium load

The medium-duty models are the most versatile and can be used for heavy-duty work in indoor settings (for example, in industrial warehouses) as well as outdoors (for the construction of prefabricated buildings, in the wind power industry, etc.). The models we offer in this category include: KT160.25, KT160.29, KT160.33, KT160.36, and KT160.40.

Heavy load

Heavy models can feature counterweights ranging from 18 tonnes (KT200) up to 36 tonnes (KT300). These are special truck-mounted cranes, designed specifically for extremely heavy-duty work, both indoors and outdoor works of different types. The following models fall into this category: KT200.25, KT200.29, KT200.33, and KT300.25.

Our services

Consultancy and design

Using highly qualified staff, pioneering software, and specialised equipment, we can handle the entire process of designing the right hydraulic crane for you. We are entirely at your disposal, to find the most functional truck-mounted crane for your needs, guaranteeing reliability, courtesy, and the utmost professionalism. Contact experienced and established producers like us!


All our truck-mounted crane models meet specific efficiency and safety standards and offer versatile and flexible use within settings such as industrial sheds and warehouses, as well as outdoors, for the construction of prefabricated buildings or wind farms. Here at Idrogru, we can produce the most appropriate lifting equipment for your needs!

Maintenance and assistance

At Idrogru, we are always on hand for assistance and repairs. Using specially equipped vans, our response team provides a fast, efficient emergency assistance service.  We can service any part of the vehicle, from  the electronics to the hydraulics and the structural steel.  Put yourself in our hands, for a partner you can always count on!

Areas of application


Heavy and bulky load

Building industry

Roadside assistance

Wind power