KT90.23: the crane with the compact telescopic boom

For over 40 years, Idrogru has been involved in the design and construction of truck-mounted cranes, offering various sizes and capacities, such as the KT90.23, a crane featuring a short but powerful telescopic boom with a 90-tonne capacity.

When it comes to lifting equipment, truck cranes are essential to complete an endless variety of jobs, both indoors and out.

Lifting devices with a triple extension telescopic boom, like the KT90.23, guarantee a greater boom extension power  (up to 70 tonnes) and, therefore, greater versatility.

If you are looking for a well-established company that specialises in the sale of truck-mounted cranes, then look no further than Idrogru!


Power and versatility

The KT90.23 is a compact, lightweight crane that essentially originated from the need to access confined spaces and is therefore perfect for indoor work.

This truck-mounted crane is no higher than the height of the truck cab, which means it can easily enter warehouses and industrial sheds, where standard trucks cranes can’t go.

The versatility of this model also stems from the fact that the  boom features just 3 extensions, which guarantees high performance in narrow spaces and enclosed settings.

The KT90.23 is ideal, for example, for positioning machine tools in small or medium-sized sheds, where there is very little room for stabilisation.



This crane model is approved to be driven on all public roads, so no special permits are needed.  With the KT90.23, the weight – which totals 26 tonnes –  is distributed over 3 axles.

Our truck cranes are built using premium quality materials and finishes and are used in construction, for the transportation of oversized loads, roadside assistance,  and much more besides.

Idrogru operates nationally and internationally.  For more information, please contact us by phone or using the form provided.