KT200.29: the compact truck-mounted crane that is perfect for tough jobs 

Idrogru designs and builds truck-mounted cranes for different classes, i.e. light, medium, and heavy.

The KT200.29 is a heavy-duty vehicle. This kind of truck-mounted crane offers high performance and the ability to lift loads of over 100 tonnes even when fully extended.

The KT200.29 is a compact, versatile truck crane that is very similar to the KT160.29. and is perfect for indoor work such as, for example, handling large loads or moving large industrial machines.

If you are looking for a compact lifting machine that is perfect for demanding indoor work, contact us right away for a hassle-free quote!


Efficiency and agility

The installation or movement of bulky industrial machinery is an extremely tricky operation that must be carried out with the utmost care and safety to prevent problems or damage to the systems.

Our cranes are designed and created to carry out all types of work, both indoors and out, with the highest possible efficiency and agility.

The crane cab is designed to be the same height as the truck cab, to allow our truck cranes easier access to warehouses and industrial sheds.

Featuring four hydraulic extensions, the KT200.29 can reach heights of up to 29 m.


Reliability and attention to detail

All our vehicles are made of high-quality, sturdy, hard-wearing materials that withstand the test of time. Every component of the structural work is sanded, painted and carefully finished.

This also helps make our truck cranes unique and extremely reliable in all working environments, whether it’s building sites or large, complex industrial sheds.

Although based in Modena, Idrogru is active throughout Italy and abroad. You can contact us by phone or using the form provided on the contact us page.