Customised construction of Idrogru cranes

Idrogru meets  all its customers’ needs  through the production of custom-designed light, medium, and heavy cranes.

Most of our lifting machinery models are roadable.  This is a huge advantage for haulage and rental firms as it means they can be driven on any road without any reduction in power or efficiency. They are sometimes also known as “taxi cranes”.

For over 40 years, we have been leaders in the construction of powerful, efficient and very versatile lifting systems.

Feel free to come to our facility to find out more about our truck-mounted cranes for sale. See how we build them and have all you questions answered!


Efficiency, safety, and looks

Our crane categories can be divided into light, medium, and heavy, based on the weight of the crane, the weight of the ballast applied, and the boom power during slewing and telescoping.

All our truck-mounted crane models meet specific efficiency and safety standards and offer versatile and flexible use within settings such as industrial sheds and warehouses, as well as outdoors, for the construction of prefabricated buildings or wind farms.

No detail is overlooked, whether it’s structural or aesthetic.  Every part of the structural work is sanded, then painted, to guarantee an attractive finish combined with corrosion- and wear-resistance.


Designs tailored to every need

The ongoing relationship with haulage and rental firms from all over the world allows us to keep abreast of the latest news and developments in  the industry, as well as the needs. This is why we are can provide tangible, customised proposals specifically devised to meet any lifting and transport needs.

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