Mobile crane – Heavy

Heavy category models can have ballasts from 18 tons (KT200) up to 36 tons (KT300). These are special mobile cranes, specific for extremely heavy-duty jobs, both indoors and outdoors. 

KT200.25 S

The KT200.25 model is configured as a very performing and agile crane capable of pulling over 90 tons under load, thanks to the 3 hydraulic extensions and 23.5 tons of ballast that counterbalance the load.


The KT200.29 is a compact and versatile mobile crane, very similar to the KT160.29 model, perfect for indoor jobs such as, for example, the handling of large loads or the movement of large industrial machinery.


The KT200.33 is a hydraulic construction crane very suitable for lifting loads up to 120 tons and for building prefabricated houses or sheds.



The KT300.25 is configured as one of the most suitable lifting means for handling extremely heavy loads such as prefabricated buildings, containers, machinery, etc.

KT300.26 S

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