The crane with an exceptionally long boom

The KT160.50 model is a telescopic hydraulic crane equipped with a very long telescopic arm, perfect for carrying out outdoor work at height.


Our company specializes in the design of efficient, versatile and compact mobile cranes, built with high-strength steels, with a high yield point, and high-performance, long-lasting materials.


If your company is looking for a truck mounted lifting crane specifically for outdoor work, even very heavy ones, our model KT160.50 is the solution tailored to your needs.


High-performance vehicles with attention to the smallest details

Our crane models combine the most advanced technical knowledge with the use of state-of-the-art metal carpentry and electro-hydraulic systems that together lead our vehicles to be resistant, powerful and extremely accurate in aesthetic details.

Our company has been supplying its mobile cranes to Italian and foreign renters and transporters for over 40 years.

To find out more about our models, do not hesitate to contact us!