Mobile crane – Medium

The models in the medium category are the most versatile, capable of carrying out heavy-duty jobs indoors (for example, inside industrial warehouses) and outdoors (construction of prefabricated buildings, wind energy, etc.).

KT160.25 S

The KT160.25 model by Idrogru is a mobile crane capable of working easily on any type of terrain, even off-road, and is particularly suitable for construction sites and for both indoor and outdoor work.


The KT160.29 model is a truck-mounted crane with radial stabilization equipped with a slewing ring. Together with the KT160.25 model, it represents one of Idrogru’s two great flagship products, since it combines high boom extension powers with advantageous features such as compactness and versatility.


The KT160.33 model is by far the best-selling truck mounted crane in Italy and historically derives from the first project of the crane with a telescopic boom with 5 hydraulic extensions.


The KT160.36 model is a mobile crane that arises from the need to increase the range of applications while remaining within the permitted weight limits for free circulation. The 36-meter height of the arm from the ground allows numerous jobs at heights that other models cannot reach.


The KT160.40 model has been specifically designed for the execution of outdoor works at height such as, for example, the installation of wind power plants, the construction of building works (houses but also prefabricated warehouses), infrastructures, industrial areas, etc.

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