Our highest-tonnage crane is the KT300.25

This model is Idrogru’s flagship crane.  It is a high-tonnage crane with double the performance and lifting capacity of a roadable crane.

The KT300.25 is one of the most suitable lifting means for handling extremely heavy loads, such as prefabricated constructions, shipping containers, machinery, etc.

In particular, it is perfect for carrying out extremely demanding work in very tight spaces, where two cranes would not be able to enter.

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The advantages and features of this model

Mounted on a 5-axle truck, the KT300.25 mobile crane features three hydraulic extensions and a slewing and extension power – when loaded – of around 130/140 tonnes.

The vehicle can travel on public roads with a weight of up to 56 tonnes (44 tonnes of base crane weight + max. 12 tonnes of ballast).

Of course, this crane truck requires a specific permit in order to do so.

By applying 36 tonnes of ballast, it is possible to lift oversized loads with the utmost efficiency and safety, even inside industrial sheds.


Custom-built cranes for all areas of use

Our company designs and builds truck-mounted cranes with different lifting capacities to meet specific needs in all kinds of fields, such as building, industry, and transport, to name but a few.

Our main targets are haulage and rental firms operating throughout Italy and beyond.

The passion and dedication we have put into our work every day for over 40 years make our cranes unique in terms of quality and durability. The finishes of our models are made with premium quality materials.

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