KT110.28: the versatile, high-performance truck crane

Our company specialises in designing and building different types of high-tonnage truck-mounted cranes, in a range of sizes, which are suitable for lifting any kind of load.

Featuring a longer arm than the KT90.23, our light version cranes (like the KT110.28) are mounted directly on top of the truck and are perfect for indoor work, but can also be used just as well outdoors.

With the KT110.28, users can  move and position machinery inside industrial sheds and warehouses where manoeuvring room is limited.

Our hydraulic lifting cranes guarantee excellent performance and are designed with drivability on all  public roads as a priority feature.

Based in Modena, Idrogru  operates  throughout Italy and internationally.


Plus points and technical features

The KT110.28 offers  numerous advantages, mainly due to the compact size  of the truck, which means the crane can be used indoors. Thanks to the longer arm and to the optional hydraulic jib (off-ground height of up to 28 m), you can now carry out work in elevated positions, both indoors and out, without settling for anything less than this agile and extremely versatile vehicle.

The KT110.28 is mounted on a 4-axle truck and can be equipped with 9 tonne counterweight.

Mobile cranes-moving-machinery-sheds

Industry leaders for over 40 years

Our cranes represent a niche product, built with attention to the detail and premium quality materials  that guarantee maximum efficiency, as well as low running and service costs.

The compact design and power of our light models, such as the KT110.28, mean these vehicles can be used in any situation, with complete roadability.

Idrogru has been operating in this field for over 40 years and the established experience gained in the industry means it can guarantee its customers cranes for any kind of lifting.