KT160.33: a blend of strength and versatility

For over 40 years, Idrogru has been designing and building on- and off-road cranes with various sizes and power ratings, which are suitable for even the toughest of lifting jobs, both indoors and out.

The KT160.33 model is by far the best-selling truck crane in Italy and it originates, historically, from the first design for the 5-extension hydraulic telescopic boom crane.

The five extensions make it possible to reach an off-ground height of 33 m, which means it is ideal for handling extremely heavy loads both inside industrial sheds and in outdoor areas and worksites.

If you are looking for an extremely versatile, heavy-duty, roadable truck plus crane assembly, the KT160.33 is the truck crane for you!


The KT160.33 in a nutshell

Also equipped with all the necessary accessories, this truck-mounted crane remains below 32 tonnes and, therefore, is roadable.

This is a truck crane model that can be used indiscriminately for indoor work, in warehouses and industrial sheds, for the handling or stabilisation of very bulky machinery, but also outdoor, such as in the construction of prefabricated buildings and other construction or special transport jobs, thanks to the five hydraulic extensions it features.


We have been building powerful, top-quality cranes for over 40 years

All our truck-mounted cranes meet high mechanical and safety standards.  We only ever use premium quality materials and finishes, which guarantee durability and lower servicing costs.

As a result of experience gained in over 40 years in business, Idrogru  designs and sells truck-mounted cranes not only in Italy but abroad too.

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