Crane assistance service

Idrogru not only designs and builds cranes, it also provides a complete assistance and repair service for all crane parts.

When using these large, complex vehicles, it is good to know there is a professional, reliable partner you can turn to in the event of failures or breakdowns of any kind.

Our company provides an assistance and maintenance service for all lifting means featuring a Weldox telescopic boom and for all truck cranes for industrial loads, also guaranteeing an emergency service.

Crane assistance

Professional repairs

Though the experience and skills gained during our many years in business, we have developed and implemented the means and techniques to carry out repairs impeccably.

We can service any part of the vehicle in next to no time, whether it’s the electronics, hydraulics, or even external metal structural work.

Using specially equipped vans, our response team provides a fast, efficient emergency assistance service. We provide a fully comprehensive maintenance service for our machines, covering electronics, hydraulics, and the structural work. We also work with a network of select external service centres, which receive our training.


Experience and reliability

If a lifting device experiences faults, breakages, or failures, it is important to be able to respond promptly to prevent accidents which could put the loads – and above all the workers’ safety – at risk.

Idrogru offers customers a competent reliable partner for fast troubleshooting  within a specific time frame.

If you need our assistance, do not hesitate to contact us!  We operate nationally and internationally.