KT200.33: the perfect model for indoor and outdoor work

With decades of experience under our belt in the design, construction, and sale of truck-mounted cranes, our company is the go-to name throughout Italy, offering tailor-made models for all kinds of work, however light or tough the job.

The KT200.33 is a self-propelled hydraulic crane with an excellent lifting capacity.  This on- or off-road crane is perfect for performing elevated work, thanks to its five hydraulic extensions, which provide the utmost flexibility and versatility.

The KT200.33 hydraulic construction crane is ideal for lifting loads of up to 120 tonnes and for the construction of prefabricated houses or industrial sheds.

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Technical specifications

This particular truck crane model can only travel on public roads with the necessary permits, but the base crane plus a counterweight of 4.7 tonnes make a total vehicle weight of no more than 44 tonnes.

On this type of crane, the ballast can be applied to both the turret and the rear stand, to better balance the weight.


A model for every need

The wide range of models we have available (light, medium, and heavy) means we can meet any lifting need in the best possible way. Our cranes range from 90 to 300 tonnes, with telescopic booms reaching heights of up to 40 m (plus a hydraulic jib or lattice extension) and are all designed to perform specific kinds of work, both indoors and out.

Our cranes are aimed at haulage, rental, and building firms operating in Italy and abroad, guaranteeing them lifting equipment with excellent levels of mechanical performance and built with premium-quality structural steel and finishes.

Based on your specific needs, we can guide you in your choice of the most suitable model for you.