Looking for truck-mounted cranes to purchase? Count on Idrogru!

At Idrogru, you’ll find a wide range of truck cranes, with different models designed and built to meet specific load lifting needs, in outdoor and indoor settings.

The KT160.40, in particular, is a hydraulic telescopic crane featuring a very long telescopic boom (the longest on the market) which is perfect for performing outdoor work in elevated positions.

Our company specialises in the design of efficient, versatile,  and compact truck cranes, built with high-strength, high-yield strength steel, and other durable, high-performance materials.

If your company is looking for a truck-mounted lifting crane designed specifically for even the most demanding outdoor work, our KT160.40 model is tailored to your needs.


Technical features of the vehicle

The KT160.40 is designed specifically for outdoor work in elevated positions, such as, for example, the installation of wind farms, construction work (houses but also prefabricated industrial sheds), infrastructure facilities, industrial areas, etc.

For such demanding projects,  you need a logistically efficient, high-performance vehicle that you can rely on.

Thanks to the 12-tonne counterweight and the radial stabilisation system, the KT160.40 offers an extremely powerful 4-axle vehicle with a lifting capacity of up to 160 tonnes, featuring a telescopic boom with five hydraulic extensions, plus a lattice extension.

High performance

High-performance vehicles designed with attention to detail

Our cranes combine advanced technical expertise with the use of cutting-edge steel structural work and electro-hydraulic systems which – together –  make our vehicles hard-wearing, powerful, and  perfectly finished.

Our company has been supplying its truck-mounted cranes for over 40 years to rental and haulage firms both in Italy and abroad.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about our models!