Specialists in the design of truck-mounted cranes

Idrogru has been operating in the design of latest generation truck cranes for over 40 years, providing high-performance models suitable for all kinds of lifting work, both indoors and out.

All Idrogru cranes are designed to be mounted on 3-, 4-, or 5-axle trucks and to be used in numerous application settings, such as construction (to erect the site crane), industry, wind power,  and roadside assistance.

For the design our lifting means, we employ a staff of specialist technicians and engineers and cutting-edge software, such as Autodesk Inventor.

We are entirely at your disposal, to find the most functional truck-mounted crane for your needs.

Always contact reputable, experienced manufacturers, like Idrogru!


Things to bear in mind

Designing machinery as complex as the Idrogru cranes needs indepth study not only of the technical and mechanical aspects, but also and above all of the safety aspects.  A number of European standards have been introduced in recent years regarding crane safety.

More specifically, they concern the structural analysis of lifting equipment and specific aspects of the various components, such as the ropes and hydraulic cylinders, and the entire assembly in terms of allowed tension levels.


Italian-made quality

Through the experience and know-how gained in its over 40 years in business, our company has built a reputation for itself as a  leading manufacturer of truck cranes, not only nationally, but also internationally, exporting Italian-made quality worldwide.

We fully understand all our customers’ work requirements and can design versatile, flexible lifting means for indoor and outdoor work.

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