Idrogru: the partner you can trust for the design and purchase of custom cranes

Idrogru S.r.l. was established in Modena in 1974 by Luciano Vezzelli, Eugenio Baldini, Luigi Plessi and Franco Fini, working with a close-knit group of associates from the hydraulic crane industry.

The underlying goal of our company is to design and build truck-mounted hydraulic cranes that best meet our clients’ specific lifting needs.

In addition to construction, we also handle direct sales (or sales made through specialist dealers), which are generally to haulage and rental firms  operating nationally and internationally.

The main vehicles we build include:

  • truck mounted cranes
  • self-propelled cranes
  • cranes for roadside assistance 
  • off-road cranes
  • cranes featuring telescopic boom
  • hydraulic lifts

All our cranes are supplied mounted on 3-, 4- or 5-axle (depending on tonnage) commercial trucks.

If your company is looking for an established name in the crane construction industry, you can count on Idrogru for experience!


Hydraulic crane on rough terrain for roadside rescue italy
Production hydraulic mobile cranes
Self propelled platform selling italy modena

Versatility and flexibility of our models

Unlike most industrial models , our cranes are a niche product, as they are custom-built to meet the needs of the end user.

We produce powerful, compact cranes featuring high-strength structural steel and finishes, with a high yield point, which guarantee higher than average efficiency and lower management and maintenance costs.

Our cranes are extremely versatile as they can be mounted on any kind of commercial truck and can be used in a variety of industries, such as:

  • construction
  • handling and logistics
  • roadside assistance
  • special transport
  • installers
  • etc.

The wide variety of  our KT line models  can meet all lifting needs, for both indoor and outdoor work.  The load-bearing capacities  range from 90 to 300 tonnes, with telescopic booms featuring an outreach of up to 40 metres in height.

For over 40 years, here at Idrogru, we have been striving to design and build high-tonnage cranes, prioritising versions that are approved to be driven on all kinds of roads.  This is one of the reasons why our vehicles are  so greatly appreciated and sought after, both in Italy and abroad.

Telescopic handler production Modena Italy
Telescopic handler sell Modena Italy
Self-propelled crane Modena Italy

A fully comprehensive service, spanning design to assistance

Our company provides a full service, which starts at the initial design and ends with our customer service.  According to their specific needs, we can advise our customers on the best model to get the job done efficiently and with the utmost safety.

Lengthy experience in the industry  means we are specialists when it comes to maintenance and repairs. We offer a round-the-clock emergency service, to quickly solve any kind of problem, whether the fault is in the electronics, the hydraulic  system, or the structural work.

The choice of materials and use of premium quality steel sheet helps keep all our vehicles at peak performance  and ensure them a long working life.

Would you like more information or a quote? Contact us using the form provided. Idrogru operates throughout  Italy and worldwide.

Self-propelled platform production Modena Italy
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