Specialists in the sale of truck cranes for outdoor work

Idrogru custom-builds cranes for all  kinds of work, both indoors and out.

We handle the production and sale of a wide range of models, using hard-wearing, high-quality, and extremely durable materials.

The KT110.35 compact truck crane, in particular, is suitable for the construction of prefabricated buildings and other outdoor projects, thanks to the very long boom (off-ground height of up to 35 m), plus the optional hydraulic jib or lattice extension.

This radial stabilisation crane weighs approximately 31 tonnes.  Also under 32 tonnes is the KT110.35, which is designed for use on all public roads and offers an extremely high lifting capacity when loaded.

If you are looking for a competent company that specialises in the sale of lifting vehicles, then contact Idrogru, the ideal partner with nationwide sales.


At the service of rental and haulage firms throughout Italy … and beyond!

Our company builds truck cranes to meet any kind of lifting need. We offer our customers custom-designed models to carry out even the toughest jobs with agility and in full compliance with safety regulations.

Our truck-mounted cranes are used in various industries, including construction, wind power, roadside assistance, and in the rental market in general.

Rental and haulage firms in all fields look to us for the purchase of truck-mounted cranes for indoor and outdoor work, with the peace of mind that comes with dealing with  an industry leader.

Roadside assistance

National and international business

The technical features  and high performance levels offered by our cranes, combined with the use of strong, hard-wearing, premium quality finishes, has enabled Idrogru to make a name for itself nationally and internationally, building its reputation  as a reliable partner for the construction of top-quality truck-mounted cranes for all kinds of needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our models!