Lifting bars

Our company specializes in the construction and sale of large tonnage mobile cranes and specific accessories and spare parts for each model.

One of the fundamental elements for an efficient and correct lifting of loads is undoubtedly the lifting sling bar. As the name implies, this element serves to balance the load and can be of different tonnages.

These crane sling bars are characterized by their capacity. The most common and sold are those with capacities from 60 to 100 tons. The relationship between the weight of the rocker and its capacity is very interesting, without underestimating the compactness and ease of transport.

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Our sling bars

Each slingbar has different technical and assembly characteristics to best satisfy every lifting need.

The 60 ton sling bar is one of the most requested because it offers the best weight / power ratio. It can be easily stowed on the crane, making it extremely versatile and functional.

The sling bars can be hooked directly to the crane or through the use of slings or bands or multiple anchor points.

As for the material, these accessories are produced with a special high-strength and high-yielding steel sheet that makes them compact and light.


Maximum seal and resistance over time

Idrogru is able to support its customers in purchasing the best accessories and customized spare parts, ensuring only the highest quality products, built with materials processed to ensure maximum sealing and resistance over time.

We are able to satisfy every specific need, designing and manufacturing ad hoc accessories and products for each mobile crane.

Idrogru actively operates throughout Italy and abroad.