The mobile crane with exceptional tonnage: the KT300.24S

The KT300.24  represents Idrogru’s new step forward in the lifting and handling of extremely heavy loads such as prefabricated buildings, containers and industrial machinery. Its exceptional tonnage doubles the performance and capacity of a free-moving crane.


Custom-made cranes for every sector of use

Our company designs and builds mobile cranes of different capacities to meet every specific need of the most varied sectors, such as the construction, industrial and transport sectors, to name a few.

Our main targets are transporters and rental companies operating throughout Italy and beyond.

The passion and dedication that we have poured into our work every day for over 40 years means that our cranes are characterized by their quality and longevity. The finishes of our models are made with excellent quality materials.

Come and visit us at our headquarters in Modena to discover all our mobile crane models up close! Book a trial, without obligation!